• Web design
  • Custom booking system
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital strategy


Agera Rental partnered with Digital Beverly for website design, digital marketing plan, online strategy, and business optimization solutions to simplify the car administration and elevate the brand online.

Agera Rental’s mission is to provide the most luxurious, comfortable service possible, and its target is upscale markets.

After the competitor analysis, we found that 90% of all rent-a-car companies in California don’t have a booking system on their websites except the contact forms. So when the potential customers fill the contact form online, they may only get a call back from the sales managers. The problem with this solution is that 40% of all customers are tourists who do not have local phone numbers to give out. So even if they schedule the call and agree on a time that works, their English fluency is not guaranteed to be up to par. The e-mail conversation, in turn, takes so much time and effort for both sides.

  • a custom dashboard for both clients and the sales managers to collect all necessary information for data verification (driver’s license, ID, and insurance) and checking eligibility according to car rental requirements.
  • reduces customer support costs for our client by automating the process of rent approval;
  • speed up the insurance claims (we created an easy-to-navigate, data input form that a client can fill out with all necessary for insurance company if an accident has occured.

Digital Beverly’s Rent-A-Car Platform is a unique 100% custom solution that was created for the specific needs of Agera Rental. Our main goal was to optimize the workflow by including the following solutions: manage reservations and monitor all bookings in one place, automatically send invoices, accept payments online including deposits, verify driver’s license, file a car insurance claim, generate all necessary reports at the click of a button. In addition, there are two different dashboards for sales managers and clients, which allows to minimize expenses for customer support and be available for sales 24/7.


Big, “Loud” Typography is a style element that can be used to create an engaging and powerful message.

To make a website more authentic, we combined different fonts to create a unique blend.

LA vibes are in full effect. The sun, cars and beautiful people make this city an ideal destination for the perfect getaway.

The perfect lines of the sports car are accentuated by geometric lines. The bright colors and creative angles help to stand out from the Agera’s competitots who have faceless, sterile websites without personality or soul.